Meet Our Staff

Tom Ciccotta ’17 : Station Manager

Tom Ciccotta ’17

Station Manager

Also known as Burt Macklin.
Favorite Genre? Pop/Rock
Favorite Artist? MouseRat (Scarecrow Boat
Favorite Song of All Time? The Pit by MouseRat
Favorite Song of Right Now? 5,000 Candles in the Wind by MouseRat
Maggie Fischer ’19 : Promotions Manager

Maggie Fischer ’19

Promotions Manager

Ian Clark ‘18 : Student Engineer, DJ

Ian Clark ‘18

Student Engineer, DJ

Also known as DJ Petrichor.
Favorite Genre? Alternative
Favorite Artist? Fall Out Boy
Favorite Song of All Time? Waves by Sleeper Agent
Favorite Song of Right Now? Sunshine by Tigerweather
“I love the freedom that WVBU allows its DJs. I am allowed to play anything I want, with only a few restrictions. I love being able to share the music I find with the world.”

Eric Chesek ’17 : Production Director

Eric Chesek ’17

Production Director

Favorite Genre? Progressive Metal / Jazz Metal
Favorite Artist? Plini
Favorite Song of All Time? Physical Education by Animals as Leaders
Favorite Song of Right Now? Gym Membership by Owane
“WVBU was quick to accept me as their sound technician. They are all supportive.”

Steven Robare ‘17 : DJ

Steven Robare ‘17


Also known as DJ Frodo.
Favorite Genre? Variety
Favorite Artist? Diplo
Favorite Song of All Time? Calling (Lose My Mind) by Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso feat. Ryan Tedder
Favorite Song of Right Now? Thunder Clatter by Wild Cub
“WVBU legitimizes my love for music and pushes me that much more to follow artists and labels, build up playlists, and immerse myself in the industry. Being a WVBU DJ has allowed me to hone a knack (which I've been told I have) for finding songs that are new and unexpected for the listener and introduce them in a way that fosters a mood or drives the show. The most exciting aspect of being a WVBU DJ is being able to share my music with a wider audience, bring people into the experience, and hopefully – whether they find their new favorite song, show, or hobby – show them a good time.”

Sam Jacobson ‘17 : DJ

Sam Jacobson ‘17


Also known as DJ Gamgee.
Favorite Genre? Folk
Favorite Artist? Neil Young
Favorite Song of All Time? The Boxer by Simon and Garfunkel
Favorite Song of Right Now? No Happy Birthday by Hayden
“WVBU is the voice of Bucknell University. It is free creative expression for students and outreach to the community.”

Will Hartnett ‘17 : DJ

Will Hartnett ‘17


Also known as The Minihorse
Favorite Genre? Variety
Favorite Artist? Dave Grohl
Favorite Song of All Time? Mr. Brightside by The Killers
Favorite Song of Right Now? White Iverson by Post Malone
“I think my favorite part about WVBU is being able to come into the studio and just relax and play music. College can be pretty stressful at times and WVBU is the perfect environment to get away from all of that. I can just hangout, talk about whatever I want and play music.”

Jason Hammett ’17 : DJ

Jason Hammett ’17


Also known as DJ Alright Alright Alright.
Favorite Genre? Alternative and Hip Hop
Favorite Artist? Run the Jewels/T-Swift
Favorite Song of All Time? In the Aeroplane Over the Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel
Favorite Song of Right Now? These Waters - Ben Howard
“I love how WVBU lets me use professional equipment and supplies to express myself via broadcast, on behalf of the university.”

Erin Frey ’17 : DJ

Erin Frey ’17