Become a DJ

WVBU welcomes anyone that wishes to contribute to the station. Trained DJs can host their own shows and play almost any music they feel like! WVBU invites all Bucknell Students and Faculty to participate in our program. We are always accepting new applicants. Email us to get started!

Becoming a DJ is a four part process. Prospective DJs must

  1. Read the DJ Manual. It can be found here. It will be on the test.

  2. Be trained by one of our expert DJ trainers. Training should take roughly 30 minutes.

  3. Sit in on three different shows. Shows accepting trainees are:

    1. WD-40: Sunday 12-2pm

    2. Album Art: Sunday 4-6pm

    3. Plainshow: Sunday 10-11pm

    4. 128 EDM: Monday 9-11pm

    5. Showgazed: Tuesday 8-9pm

    6. Tea Time Anytime: Wednesday 11pm-12am

    7. Thursday Evening Blues: Thursday 8-10pm

    8. Rull Punk: Thursday 10-11pm

    9. BASBHAT: Friday 1-2pm

    10. Messiah’s Haus: Friday 10pm-12am

  4. Pass a written test and host a live practice show for 30 minutes.


DJ Manual

DJ Sit-in Form (bring to sit-ins and test)

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