The Board of Directors oversees station operations, and ensures the highest-quality broadcast possible. Feel free to contact us with questions or concerns.

Spring 2015


Professional Engineer: Todd Fogle
Faculty Adviser: James Lee


Station Manager: Joe Duvall (’16)
Director of Programming / DJ Trainer: Will Christner (’16)
Production Director: Eric Chesek (’17)
Business Director: Vacant
Webmaster: Melissa Rios (’16)
Promotions Director: Sara Rosenberg (’17)
Assistant Promotions Director: Rachel Chou (’16)
Music Director: Steve Hladczuk (’17)
Student Engineer: Ian Clark (’18)
Standards and Practices Director: Tom Ciccotta (’17)
News Director: John Brunner (’15)
Assistant News Director: Alice Butler (’17)
Music Specialist Subcommittee
Independent Music Specialist: Erin Frey (’17)
Current Music Specialist: WVBU Board
70’s/80’s Music Specialist: Tom Ciccotta (’17)
90’s/00’s Music Specialist: Vacant
Urban Music Specialist: Melissa Rios (’16)
Electronic Dance Music Specialist: Joe Duvall (’16)
Currently Playing on WVBU
Martin Garrix - Don't Look Down (feat. Usher)

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