The Board of Directors oversees station operations, and ensures the highest-quality broadcast possible. Feel free to contact us with questions or concerns.


Todd Fogle, Station G.O.D. (Professional Engineer)
James Lee, Faculty Advisor


Station Manager: Joe Duvall (’16)
Senior Adviser: Charlie Geitz (’15)
Directors of Programming / DJ Trainers: Will Christner (’16) & Jack Geduldig (’17)
Production Director: Roy Skinner (’15)
Business Director: DeAnna Bryfogle (’16)
Webmasters: Melissa Rios (’16) (Head) & Jay Crisfield (’14) (Assistant)
Promotions Directors: Megan Smith (’15) (Head), Greg Ruda (’17), and Tom Delano (’15)
Head Music Director: Erin Frey (’17)
Student Engineer: Eric Kwiatkowski (’15)
News Director(Open Position)
Music Specialist Subcommittee
Indie/Alt Specialist: Matt Szucs (’14)
Pop Specialist: DeAnna Bryfogle (’16)
Classic Rock Specialist: Greg Ruda (’17)
Hip-Hop/Rap Specialists: Paul Kapinos (’15) and Courtney Elliott (’14)
Dance/Electronic Specialist: Elias Strizower (’17)
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