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WVBU, Bucknell’s own radio station, also offers versatile live sound reinforcement, bringing the noise to everything from house parties to comedians and live bands. With this mostly painless online form, you can currently request live sound reinforcement, live recording, and equipment rentals (paid services), as well as flag a campus event for coverage, from onsite taped interviews to a full-blown live broadcast. To request any of these, just fill out this form and our Production Manager will get back to you within 2 days.

We currently have two functioning sound systems available, a small 300 watt system and a larger, more versatile pair of 550 watt loudspeakers. The large system has the option of an added external sub-woofer.

Money can be tight, and we know that feeling very well. So we’re happy to negotiate and find whatever solution works best for both your budget and your event. The cost of an event will vary based on the requirements, but our basic framework is as follows:

Live Sound with technician crew (1+):
Small System: $40
Large System: $75
External Sub-woofer (Lg. System Only): $15
Labor: $8/hr per crew member (max 3)
*Accessories and Special Items: $5-40

Equipment Rental (Daily):
Small System (self-contained, all accessories included): $60
Large Speakers (inc. necessary cables): $80
External Subwoofer: $25
Small Mixer (2 mics and 1 iPod.): $20
Large Mixer (16ch. with compression and effects): $40
Speaker Stands: $10 (pair)

For any questions, please feel free to email

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