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Mission Statement 

WVBU, 90.5 FM Lewisburg is “The Voice of Bucknell University,” Bucknell’s one and only, student-run radio station. WVBU plays a music format of modern and alternative rock, with a number of specialty shows of such genres as classical, jazz, and classic rock. The station fills a niche in the airwaves that has been left open by local radio stations, and provides public service announcements and news to the campus and surrounding area. WVBU also operates a remote services division, providing music for on-campus entertainment. WVBU-FM is open to membership, after a mandatory training period, to all members of the Bucknell community, students and faculty alike.

Technical Info

  • Antenna Location: Roof of Dana Engineering Building
  • Antenna Height: 25 feet
  • Antenna Height Above Sea Level: 19.8 meters
  • Monopole design: single aluminum pole
  • Effective Radiated Power (ERP): 225 kW (measures coverage area)
  • Transmitter Power: 250 W


In 1983, the Buffalo Valley Jaycees presented their “recognition and appreciation for outstanding service to the community.”
In December 1988, the NAACP presented the Service to the Community Award for WVBU’s “years of unselfish service that has been given by the prisoners request show. We salute you and appreciate your programming every day.”
The United States Army Reserve presented their “grateful appreciation to WVBU for its continuing support of army reserve recruiting through public service broadcasting.”
A Certificate of Meritorius Public Service was presented in “appreciation of the fact that radio station WVBU has released THE INSIDE TRACK series on career information, a meritorius public service to youth and community deserving of special recognition.”


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